Vantaa Youth Station and Youth Clinic merged into Vantaa Support and Intervention Unit for the Young, Nuppi.

Nuppi offers young people aged 13-21 versatile support and treatment. Nuppi will also offer short-term counseling for young people over 21.

Nuppi will help you in:

  • life-management issues
  • social relationships
  • mental-health and substance abuse issues

Come to Nuppi!

  • You can come to Nuppi without advance appointment, during on-call hours
  • If you are a young person, you can come to the unit alone or accompanied by a friend or family members.
  • If they so wish, guardians can visit the unit without their children.

Further information

  • Hanna Pösö, Supervisor for Psychosocial Services for the Young, tel. 09 8392 6017