Children SIB Vantaa

The Children SIB Vantaa initiative is a new way to support children and families.

It’s used to raise money from companies and private investors to an SIB fund which is used to fund the wellbeing of children and adolescents.

SIB stands for Social Impact Bond, which is a form of impact investing.

The project is managed by FIM Asset Management Ltd together with the Central Union for Child Welfare.

The cities of Vantaa, Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Kemiönsaari and Lohja participate in the project.

During The Children SIB programme, Vantaa offers families with children early support based on the family partner model. In addition, the family can receive necessary additional services.

The goal is to prevent the families’ need for remedial and heavy services in the future

In addition to the City of Vantaa, the main participants in the programme are FIM Equity Funds Ltd, Central Union for Child Welfare and SOS Children’s Villages. The SIB Vantaa programme is financed by a fund managed by FIM Equity Funds Ltd.