Family rehabilitation

Family rehabilitation promotes and maintains the family's safety and functional abilities.

Kuusela Family Rehabilitation Center

How do we get family rehabilitation?

The social worker discusses the need for rehabilitation with the family. The social worker and the family together make a rehabilitation application. At the beginning of rehabilitation, a house call will be made and the family will be designated a pair of counselors. During the rehabilitation period, the family can get Kela's rehabilitation allowance.

What does family rehabilitation entail?

A rehabilitation plan will be compiled together with the family. Kuusela leads a normal everyday life suitable for families with children, with regular meal times, rest, and outdoor exercise. Children continue going to school or day-care center.

Families have the services of a psychiatric nurse, occupational therapist, and pediatrician at their disposal. The employees consult the pediatrician and child psychiatrist on a regular basis.

What happens after rehabilitation?

The family's need for support is charted and they are informed of services meant for them.

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