Tikkurila substance abuse clinic

The substance abuse outpatient clinic offers advice on and support for quitting or managing substance abuse. The services are targeted at adult Vantaa residents regardless of their place of domicile or drug used. Also relatives and friends of substance abusers can make an appointment for themselves.

Come to the substance abuse outpatient clinic through the on-call appointment service by making an appointment over the phone or by joining our open discussion groups.

The service is free of charge.


On-call appointment

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, registration between 8:30-10:30.

The on-call appointment is meant for detoxification and for treating other crises related to substance abuse. The on-call appointment service will make a referral to institutional detoxification, when required.

Individual meetings

These meetings make it possible for you to discuss your situation in confidence with your own substance-abuse worker. Substance-abuse workers are health-care or social-welfare professionals. There can be just one meeting or there can be several during a longer period of time, according to the schedule you compiled together with the substance-abuse worker.

Couples meetings and family meetings

Couples and family meetings aim to increase the couples’ and families’ joint understanding of how substance abuse affects themselves, their relationship, and their family. Meetings with a couples and family therapist are agreed according to the needs of the couples and families in question.


Open groups are on a break for the time being.

Substance abuse outpatient clinics also have closed groups, on which the employees will provide further information

Peer group for relatives and friends of substance abusers

The open discussion group for relatives and friends of substance abusers assembles at Tikkurila substance abuse outpatient clinic in uneven weeks. Check out the program of the discussion group

Medical detoxification

Medical detoxification will be carried out in a multiprofessional and planned manner by accounting for the customer’s overall situation.

Occupational therapy

Meetings with an occupational therapist chart the customer’s everyday life and skills, as well as try to mold them to meet with the customer’s needs and wishes. Occupational therapy may help in challenges of, for instance, management of your everyday life, senseful doing, anxiety management, emotional skills, or relaxation. The meetings will be implemented individually or in a group based on the plan devised together.

Course-form outpatient care: intensive group

An intensive group lasts for five weeks, and it is meant for alcohol-, drug-, and medical-substance-dependent Vantaa residents who wish to gain support and peer support for their own recuperation.