Problem with alcohol or medicines

Notification 1.4.2020 Changes in substance-abuse and mental-health services during corona epidemic

Read here the exceptions during the corona epidemic

NOTE! Exceptional arrangements in Substance Abuse Services in January-April

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services are adopting a new information system, which will affect Substance Abuse Services’ activities up to April 30, 2020. Because of employees’ participation in the training events and other arrangements related to the new information system, Substance Abuse Services’ outpatient services and Detoxification Unit’s services will be cut to some extent.
On-call, substitution treatment, and drug users’ health and social welfare counseling (Vinkkari), as well as other services important for customers, will be ensured by means of work arrangements and, when required, temporary employees and overtime work.

Substance Abuse Services’ outpatient services (Martinlaakso, Tikkurila and Myyrmäki substance abuse outpatient clinics, i.e., former A-Clinics and H-Clinic):
• Non-urgent customers will be referred to own and third-sector peer support groups.
• Appointments will be targeted at those needing urgent help.
• Substance abuse outpatient clinics’ appointment service will function as usual. The need for detoxification treatment will be assessed during on-call appointments.
• Myyrmäki substance abuse outpatient clinic will not have evening receptions on February 6 and 13.
• There will be no new assessments of the need for substitution treatment from January 1 to February 16.
• There will be no home detoxification services from January 1 to February 16. Home detoxification services will begin on March 2.
• There will be no intensive courses from January 27 to February 16.

Detoxification Unit:
• No new patients will be admitted to detoxification treatment from Friday, January 31 to Monday, February 3, due to adoption of the Apotti system. Inpatient customers will be treated as usual.
• There will be less detoxification treatment places from January 1 to April 30. Patients are admitted on Mon-Fri at 8:00-16:00.

Treatment without referral

A person with alcohol- and medicine problems or his or her friend or relative can seek help from substance abuse clinics.

  • Tikkurila substance abuse clinic
  • Martinlaakso substance abuse clinic

Referral to treatment

  • Detoxification treatment is meant for adult alcohol- and drug addicts for whom outpatient care is insufficient.
  • Patients are referred to detoxification treatment. The initial assessment for care will be done, for example, at a substance abuse clinic or a health center.
  • Koisoranta Service Center helps the homeless with addiction problems. When applying for Koisoranta Service Center, the customers may be admitted to rehabilitation and permanent housing.