Problem with alcohol or medicines


Appointments at substance abuse outpatient clinics are available on every weekday as of September 6, 2020

In case of acute substance abuse problems, you can go to Martinlaakso or Tikkurila substance abuse outpatient clinic without advance appointment. To the extent possible, come to the appointment at the beginning of the on-call service. The service is meant for adults.

  • Martinlaakso substance abuse outpatient clinic's on-call service is available on Mondays and Thursdays at 12:00-14:00. Street address: Laajaniityntie 3 (5th floor), 01620 Vantaa.
  • Tikkurila substance abuse outpatient clinic's on-call service is available on Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Fridays at 8:30-10:30. Street address: Kielotie 20 C (2nd floor), 01300 Vantaa.
  • Myyrmäki substance abuse outpatient clinic has no on-call service.

There are changes in mental health and substance abuse services due to the coronavirus epidemic. Read the changes here

Open groups at Tikkurila and Martinlaakso substance abuse outpatient clinics are canceled until further notice.

  • For more information on the closed groups provided in the fall, contact the substance abuse outpatient clinics.

Uncanceled doctor’s appointments at the substance abuse outpatient clinics become subject to a charge.

  • As of July 1, 2021, a fee of €50.80 will we charged for uncanceled doctor’s appointments at substance abuse outpatient clinic if a client does not come to the doctor’s appointment without an acceptable reason.
  • You can cancel your appointment through the Maisa customer portal or by calling the substance abuse outpatient clinic's reception.

Treatment without referral

A person with alcohol- and medicine problems or his or her friend or relative can seek help from substance abuse clinics.

  • Tikkurila substance abuse clinic
  • Martinlaakso substance abuse clinic

Referral to treatment

  • Detoxification treatment is meant for adult alcohol- and drug addicts for whom outpatient care is insufficient.
  • Patients are referred to detoxification treatment. The initial assessment for care will be done, for example, at a substance abuse clinic or a health center.
  • Koisoranta Service Center helps the homeless with addiction problems. When applying for Koisoranta Service Center, the customers may be admitted to rehabilitation and permanent housing.