What is Maisa

Maisa is Apotti’s digital customer portal through which you can take care of issues related to your own health regardless of time and place. Maisa allows you to, for example, make an appointment at a health center, view your laboratory test results, fill in social welfare applications, and ask professionals for advice. You can use Maisa on your computer, tablet, and mobile app. Vantaa residents will get access to Maisa when Apotti is adopted.

Maisa brings social welfare and health care services into a whole new era: the present social and health care e-Services are transferred from Vantaa's various websites into just one place. Maisa is the first public sector e-Service that allows you to take care of your social welfare and health care issues in the same system.

You log in the system using your bank identifiers, mobile ID or electronic ID card, which makes using Maisa safe as regards information security. If you cannot transact on Maisa, the Vantaa.fi website will still include printable forms with which you can transact as before.

Maisa will keep you up to date

Maisa is a versatile application; it will send you a reminder if you have made an appointment, received a message or test result. You can choose whether to receive the reminder as an email message, text message or message in a mobile application.

Maisa will also make it possible for you to transact electronically on behalf of another person. If you are an adult, another adult may authorize you to transact on his/her behalf, which means that you can, for example, take care of an elderly relative’s transactions on Maisa. If you are a guardian of a child aged 0-9, you can transact on behalf of your child. As regards minors, Maisa adheres to the same national policy as Omakanta. Therefore, you cannot yet transact on behalf of 10—17-year-olds on Maisa. If you are under 18 years old and have an electronic ID card, mobile ID or bank identifiers, you can transact on Maisa.