Important notification: no new appointments for influenza vaccination can be made. We, unfortunately, have to cancel some of the appointments already made for our customers.

Vaccination prescriptions are closed until further notice.

Adults can get the most common vaccinations at their own health center. These vaccinations include e.g. the tetanus and diphtheria vaccine and the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella). They are part of the vaccination program and, therefore, free of charge.

Children under school age are vaccinated at the child welfare clinics and children attending school in the school health care.

Read also about vaccinations for travelers and influenza vaccinations.

Which vaccinations you have received?

You can ask about your previous vaccinations at your own health center.

However, the health centers’ electronic data system does not include information on vaccinations given before 1986 or vaccinations given by other health care providers (such as occupational health care and private health care). You can order this kind of archived vaccination data by contacting the health centers’ archives.