School and Student Health Care

Notification 25.3.2020
School and Student Health Care during the coronavirus epidemic

  • You may only come to your appointment, if you are healthy. If you have flu symptoms, postpone the appointment or go through some of the issues over the phone.
  • Only one customer can come to an appointment with the exception of a young student who may be accompanied by a guardian.
  • In urgent cases, contact the school nurse.
  • There may be changes in the services points where appointments are held.
Changes in school health care
  • Booked health checks for 1st, 5th and 8th-graders will be canceled or conducted via e-services. Your nurse will call you.
  • Urgent follow-up and support appointments with a doctor will be conducted via e-services. When required, the student will be asked to come to the spot.
  • If no health check has been booked or made for a 1st, 5th or 8th-grader, the nurse will contact the family.
  • Health checks for students in preparatory class will be conducted.
Changes in student health care
  • Conscription-related preliminary health checks: The nurse's interview will take place over the phone. An appointment with a doctor will take place.
  • Planned/booked appointments with a nurse and doctor will take place over the phone or on the spot. The nurse will contact you.

School Health Care

School health care is meant for all pupils in basic education. All schools have a school nurse who invites the pupils for their annual medical examinations. Pupils can see the school nurse also without an appointment.

Moreover, guardians can always contact the school nurse in matters related to children's health and wellbeing.

In grades 1, 5, and 8, pupils and their guardians are invited to see the school doctor. In other situations, appointments with the school doctor are made by the school nurse.

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Student Health Care

Student health care is meant for students in 10th grade, upper secondary school, vocational school, university of applied sciences, and basic education for immigrants. Students who are studying in these educational institutions and eligible for study grant can use student health care services.

Student health care helps the students to take care of their health, provides support in different life situations, and promotes study ability. Student health care also treats illnesses. The educational institution, together with associated officials, take care of the health and safety of the learning environment.

Students can see the public health nurse without an appointment during the service hours. Students can also make an appointment by phone.

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School and student health care phone service

Vantaa School and Student Health Care supports schoolchildren, students and families also over the phone.

School and student health care phone services make it possible for you to:

  • make appointments with school and student health care
  • get will counseling and guidance about issues related to children’s and young persons’ health and welfare.
  • get help and support for mental wellbeing.

The school health care phone service’s telephone number is 09 8395 0025.

The student health care phone service’s telephone number is 09 8395 0035.

The service is open Mon-Thurs at 8:00-16:15 and Fri at 8:00-16:15. The service is closed on holidays.