Other Health Services

Opening hours of Vantaa health and social welfare service points during summer 2020

Diabetes treatment is provided at health centers and diabetes units.

Contraception and family planning clinics give counseling on contraception as well as sexual and reproductive health.

Medical Supplies can enable chronically ill people to take care of themselves and live at home.

Preliminary medical examination for males at call-up age is mandatory for all male Finnish citizens.

You can make an appointment for a hearing test whenever you feel the need. In some cases, the city of Vantaa eye care grants promissory notes for glasses.

Vaccinations are given at health centers and special vaccinations at travel vaccination clinics.

Screenings are aimed at specific groups of people in order to discover individuals with symptomless diseases.

Vantaa Occupational Health Corporation provides occupational health care services for businesses.

If you are worried about your own or your relative's or friend’s substance use, you can get help easily at the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service Point.