Opening hours of Vantaa health and social welfare service points during summer 2021

Bulletin 1.5.2021

Because of the coronavirus situation, Vantaa Hospital has to restrict visits on the hospital wards. The purpose of the restrictions is to ensure the safety of the patients at the hospital.

Vantaa Hospital's visiting instructions for relatives and friends, pdf

General Patient Instructions

When you arrive at the hospital, the nurses will tell you about the ward’s routines. You will receive an ID wristband with your personal information. You need to wear the wristband for your entire stay at the hospital.

To ensure your comprehensive care, we will ask your permission to access information regarding your previous treatment and to disclose the information outside the Health and Social Welfare department.

Furthermore, it is important that you provide all possible information about your current medication. Also, please present your payment ceiling free card and possible appointment and clinic cards. If possible, we intend to deliver your personal hygiene products, technical aids, and e.g. your own indoor footwear to you. Other personal belongings should be left at home, due to hygiene reasons.

You should ask your relative or friend to take care of your money and other valuables. The hospital is not responsible for the loss of patients’ personal property.

Hygiene Instructions

Good hand hygiene, that is, washing and disinfecting your hands, is vital in eliminating microbes. You should wash and disinfect your hands every time you enter and exit a room. You are advised to leave all hand jewelry at home.

Ward Staff

The ward physician and the head nurse are in charge of the ward. You will also have personal nurses, who are responsible for your daily care during their work shifts. The ward secretaries attend the clerical work and the custodial staff takes care of the hospital’s cleanliness. You can always turn to the staff whenever you have any questions or concerns. The hospital’s multiprofessional staff also includes physical, occupational, and speech therapists, the hospital priest, social workers, and a podiatrist. You can find their contact information on the ward brochure or ask more from the hospital staff.


Patients’ meals are served at hospital’s common rooms.
The hospital orders meals for the patients and takes special diets into account.

Katriina hospital’s meal times (approximately):
Breakfast: 7:45, Lunch: 11:30, Afternoon coffee: 14:30, Dinner: 16:45, Evening snack: 19:30

The Geriatric Acute Care wards at Peijas Hospital (approximate meal times):
Breakfast: 8:00, Lunch: 12:00 Afternoon coffee: 14:00, Dinner: 16:00, Evening snack: 19–19:30

If needed, the patients can have a late-night snack at 21:00–22:00.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours at Katriina hospital: 13:00–19:00 and Peijas Geriatric Acute Care Unit: 14:00–18:30. In special circumstances, the ward nurses can arrange other visiting times for close relatives or friends.

Smoking – Smoke Free Vantaa – Smoke Free Hospital

The hospital wants to provide a smoke free, healthy, and pleasant environment for its patients, staff, and visitors.

Smoking is allowed only at specified smoking areas outside the hospital. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any other areas. All patients are entitled to nicotine replacement therapy during their stay at the hospital.

Bringing intoxicants into the hospital is strictly prohibited.

Patient Agent

You can contact the Health and Social Welfare Department’s Patient Agent by calling 09 8392 2537.


Each ward has a feedback box, in which you can leave feedback regarding your care and treatment at the hospital. You can fill in and leave a feedback form into the feedback box. You can also give feedback online.

The feedback will be handled in confidence at staff meetings. If needed, we will contact you regarding your feedback.

Teaching Hospital

The hospital services’ hospitals also operate as teaching hospitals. Students of various professions carry out their study-related practical training periods by participating in hospital work. The regular employees are responsible for the trainees at the workplace.

Professional Secrecy

Hospital staff is bound by confidentiality and professional secrecy in all matters regarding patients’ health, treatment, and personal life. The hospital requests the patients and visitors to keep all matters regarding other patients confidential.


The hospital information point is run by a gurad of Vantti. Next to the information, you will find lockers for visitors’ coats. The Geriatric Acute Care Unit information service is available on Mon-Fri at 7:00–19:00 and Sat-Sun at 11:00–19:00. There is no information point at Korso Senior Citizens' Center, but the staff will help you with possible questions.


The hospital cafeteria is located near the entrance hall. The cafeteria is open on Mon-Fri at 9:00–18:30 and Sat-Sun at 12:00–17:00. Korso Senior Citizens' Center does not have a cafeteria. Peijas hospital’s cafeteria is open Mon-Fri at 7:30–18:30 and Sat-Sun at 11:00–17:00.

Hair Salon

Katriina hospital’s hair salon is located at the entrance hall. The hair salon is open Mon-Fri at 9:00–17:00.

Bank Services

Katriina hospital does not have an ATM. The nearest ATM is at Vantaanpuisto shopping center. While you are at the hospital, you can use payment services to pay your bills. In Korso, the nearest ATM is at Nordea bank, address Maakotkantie 12. In Peijas, the nearest ATM is at Koivutori shopping center.

Phone, Library, and Internet

Each patient bed has a telephone, and the hospital can connect your phone calls to you. You will receive a phone number when you arrive at the hospital. You can also use your own mobile phone in the hospital. Your relatives and friends can contact you via the staff.

Newspapers are delivered to the wards. Katriina hospital also has a library at the main hall. The hospital janitor will open the library door by request. You can use a computer with internet connection at the library for free. To ensure information security, always clear the browsing history after using an online bank. Katriina hospital also has an open WLAN network. Internet connection is not available for patients at Peijas.

Patient Fees

Patient fees will be charged on the first week of the month or after the patient’s discharge. The invoice will be sent to the patient’s home address. The patient fee team can also send the invoice to an agent or guardian by request. The patient fee team will help you with matters related to invoicing and e.g. the payment ceiling.

The patient fee team's service hours are Mon-Fri at 9:00–13:00 (at other times, leave a call-back request), tel. 043 848 6768. The patient fee team's office is open for customers Mon-Fri at 9:00–14:30, address: Peltolantie 2 D. 2nd floor, 01300 Vantaa.


Mailboxes are situated at Katriina hospital’s main entrance and Peijas hospital’s information point. You can give your mail to the ward staff and they will mail it for you.

Radio and TV

You can listen to the hospital’s central radio with headphones at your own bed. You can also bring your own music player and listen to it with headphones. The hospital common rooms have televisions. The hospital has some televisions for patients, and it is possible to have a TV delivered to your own room. To ensure fire safety, you always should talk with the staff before bringing your own TV to the hospital.

Clothes and Personal Belongings

Each patient has a locker for their clothes at their patient room. The hospital is not responsible for the loss of patients’ valuables, such as money or jewelry.

Lost and Found

You can ask about your lost belongings at the ward or the hospital information point.

Heading Home

When you leave the hospital, the staff will order you a taxi (partly payed by Kela). They will give you a certificate (form SV 67) for the taxi. Keep the certificate after the journey. By presenting a Kela card, you will only have to pay an excess share of the taxi fare. At the moment, the excess share is 25 € per a one-way journey.

When you leave the hospital, you will receive a medical case summary via mail. The medical case summary will also be sent to your doctor.