Appointments for Non-Urgent Care

Dental care during the coronavirus epidemic

The coronavirus situation still causes changes in dental care. Please note that because of the coronavirus situation, care times are longer than usual and we cannot carry out all measures at the time being. We have ensured that it is safe to come for treatment.

Note! You must have a face mask to deal with Social and Health Services

The City of Vantaa requires you use a face mask in order to deal with Social and Health Services unless there is a health barrier to using a mask. It is also essential to take care of good hand and cough hygiene and social distancing.

Instructions for Oral Health Care customers

Do not come to dental care, if

  • you have symptoms of a respiratory infection such as fever, sniffle, cough or
  • you have been in coronavirus quarantine or
  • you have been in close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus during the past two weeks or
  • you have returned from abroad during the past 10 days,

cancel your appointment. This way you help protect other patients and the staff from contracting the virus.

Non-urgent dental care

We can offer non-urgent dental care only limitedly at the moment. If we cannot give non-urgent check or further care appointments, we will place healthy customers that have no necessary or half-urgent need for treatment in a queue.

We will invite counseling bureau and school-age patients to treatment in stages.

We will continue non-urgent orthodontic treatment with some restrictions in the following dental clinics

  • Leinikkitien hammashoitola, Leinikkitie 20 B, 01350 Vantaa
  • Myyrmäen terveysaseman hammashoitola, Jönsaksentie 4, 01600 Vantaa

Dental care appointment service, tel. 09 8393 5300, Mon-Fri: 7:30-15:00.

If you leave a call-back request, we will call you back as soon as possible.

Canceling the appointment through the service or by text message, tel. 050 302 6485 (the message shall include your name, date of birth, and time of the appointment to be canceled).

Access to treatment

Appointments for non-urgent examination will be offered based on individual need. All Vantaa dental clinics offer appointments.

Cancel Your Appointment

Please remember to cancel your appointment on the day before by 13:00, if you cannot come to the appointment. People aged 15 or over will be charged a fee of € 50.80 for uncanceled appointments as well as for appointments canceled at too late a time.

Cancel your appointment by phone, Mon-Fri, 7:30-15:00, tel. 09 8393 5300.

You can cancel your appointment:

  • by calling 09 8393 5300
  • by text message 050 302 6485
  • by sending a message of the cancelation through the service.

The message shall include your name, date of birth, and time of the appointment to be canceled.