Read here exceptions to social and health services during the corona epidemic

We will update exceptions to social and health services in this notification.

Note! You must have a face mask to deal with Social and Health Services

The City of Vantaa requires you use a face mask in order to deal with Social and Health Services unless there is a health barrier to using a mask. It is also essential to take care of good hand and cough hygiene and social distancing.

Health centers

All health center services available by appointment

Because of the coronavirus situation, you can conduct business at a health center only by appointment. The centralized service telephone number +358 (0)9 839 50 000 will no longer be in use.

New telephone numbers starting on 15 December 2020

  • Hakunila and Länsimäki Health Centers +358 (0)9 839 35928
  • Korso and Koivukylä Health Centers +358 (0)9 839 35923
  • Martinlaakso Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35924
  • Myyrmäki Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35925
  • Tikkurila Health Center +358 (0)9 839 35926

Conducting non-urgent business during the coronavirus epidemic

  • Tell about your symptoms on the Klinik internet service. We will contact you within two business days.
  • If you suspect a coronavirus infection and you only have light symptoms, you can make an appointment for taking a sample yourself through the Koronabotti, or you can call the coronavirus counseling telephone, which is open from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 4 pm on weekends on the number +358 (0)9 839 50070.
  • Service for the hearing impaired:
    In non-urgent matters through the Klinik internet service or by text message to tel. +358 (0)40 574 4555.
  • See the instructions for calling.
  • For non-urgent matters (such as periodic check-ups, inquiries of medical results, medical reports, or renewal of a prescription), you can leave a callback request between 8 am and 12 noon at the telephone number of your own health center.
  • You can receive service in non-urgent matters from:
    -Pharmacists (matters related to medication or renewal of prescriptions)
    -Public health nurses (Diabetes treated with tablets, astma, hypertension; or you want to make an appointment for memory testing, lifestyle guidance, or health screening of the unemployed)
    -Physical therapists (musculoskeletal disorders such as back, neck, knee, or shoulder pain),
    -Nurses and practical nurses in other matters (such as appointments for doctors and nurses, guidance and counseling)

Conducting urgent business during the coronavirus epidemic in other matters besides those related to coronavirus

  • If your complaint is sudden or you require urgent care, you can call between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. In urgent matters, it is possible to leave a call-back request 8:00-10:00 am.
  • See the instructions for calling.
  • Emergencies and health counseling outside of business hours: Emergency Assistance 116 117

The Martinlaakso Health Center functions as a coronavirus health center

  • The Martinlaakso Health Center treats patients suffering from respiratory tract symptoms.
  • If you suspect a coronavirus infection, call +358 (0)9 839 50070 (8 am-6 pm on weekdays and 9 am-4 pm on weekends)
  • An assessment of your need for treatment will be made on the phone and if necessary, an appointment will be made with a physician.
  • You can also tell about your symptoms in the internet service and you will receive instructions on what to do.
  • The Martinlaakso Health Center treats patients suffering from respiratory tract symptoms on the fourth floor. The fifth and sixth floors of the Martinlaakso Health Center serve in other matters only through appointments.

Länsimäki health center

  • INR reception remains in Länsimäki on Wednesdays at 13:00-14:00 by appointment. Huslab's appointment service or tel. 09 471 86800 (Mon-Fri: 7:30 - 15:30 and Sat-Sun: 8-14).

If you have a respiratory tract infection, have the examination at the HUS Medical Imaging unit in Myyrmäki

Emergency duty for children outside office hours

Emergency duty for children outside office hours is transferred from Peijas Hospital to New Children's Hospital

Peijas Hospital’s emergency clinic no longer cares for child patients. Under-16-year-old children and young persons with acute illnesses will be primarily treated at their own health centers on weekdays at 8:00-16:00 (call own health center) and

  • after 16:00 at New Children's Hospital’s joint emergency service. Before coming to the emergency service, call Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117.
  • In life-threatening cases, always call the emergency telephone number 112.

Vaccinations, Medical Supplies, Technical aids supply


  • Vaccination prescriptions are closed until further notice.
  • Tourist phone advice and tourist vaccination reception are closed due to the coronavirus situation.

Distribution Point for Medical Supplies

We only provide e-Services. Contact:

  • our phone service, tel. 09-839 500 20, Mon-Fri: 10-13
  • or the service 24/7.

We will reply to your message within 2 weekdays.

Technical aids supply

Because of the pandemic-related personnel arrangements, Myyrmäki technical aids supply will be closed for the time being.

Koivukylä Technical Aids Supply will serve as usual by appointment (Mon-Fri at 8:00–12:00, tel. 09 839 50040).

Changes in maternity and child welfare clinics’ operations

  • Counseling bureau services will support pregnant women and families with children also during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • There will be changes in counseling bureaus’ self-measurement points: blood pressure will be measured at appointments until further notice, and a nurse will guide urine samples.
  • You may only come to the counseling bureau, if you are healthy and more than 14 days have passed since your preceding travel abroad. If your situation demands clarifying during your quarantine, contact the counseling bureau's phone service. This way, we can ensure safe transacting at the counseling bureau for all our customers.
  • Your partner or support person is welcome to join you for the visit to the maternity clinic.
  • In case of a child's visiting the counseling bureau, the need for both guardians to participate will be assessed in connection with making the appointment. The family's children may only come along, if you cannot arrange care for them.

Services for the pregnant:

  • Pregnancy appointments will be carried out as planned
  • First pregnancy appointments and public-health nurse’s comprehensive checks will be carried out as distance appointments, to the extent possible..
  • Postnatal home call will take place as usual at the customer’s home to the extent possible. Arranging other home calls will be assessed and planned on a case-specific basis.

Child welfare clinic’s services

  • Periodic medical examinations for 0-, 1.5-, 4-, and 6-year-olds will be carried out as usual.
  • For the time being, you cannot make an appointment for 2-, 3-, and 5-year-olds through Maisa.
  • You can make an appointment, based on the child’s need, by calling the counseling clinics' phone service, tel. 09 8392 5900, on Mon-Fri at 8:00-15:00.
  • In case of a child's visiting the counseling bureau, the need for both guardians to participate will be assessed in connection with making the appointment. The family's other children may only come along, if you cannot arrange care for them.
  • Non-urgent appointments for checks for preschool-age children will be given to the extent allowed by the counseling bureaus’ appointment situations.

Counseling bureaus’ family work

  • Counseling bureaus’ family coaches’ services are available as usual. You can discuss any issues troubling you with a family coach and together think of solutions for problematic situations.
  • Family coaches’ support discussions can be held at home, at the reception or by remote access.
  • You can yourself contact the counseling bureau’s family coach. You can also contact the family coach through a public-health nurse or a counseling bureau doctor.

Open maternity and child welfare clinics

  • Open counseling bureaus are available by appointment only. You can make an appointment with the clinic by phone or send a message to the public-health nurse through the Maisa service.


  • Counseling bureaus’ family training groups will take place by remote access. Remote access will also be utilized in implementing other groups.

We utilize also

Contraception and Family Planning Clinics

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, appointments are canceled until further notice. We will give abortion statements and renew prescriptions.

Rehabilitation services function under exceptional circumstances

Rehabilitation appointments and home calls will function as usual as regards those aged 70 or over who do not belong in any risk group. We will conduct some of the appointments by remote access. You can reserve an appointment or home call:

  • Physiotherapy, tel. 09 8392 2193, Mon, Wed, Fri, at 9:00-11:00, Tue at 12:00-14:00
  • Speech therapy, tel. 09 8392 3822, Mon-Thurs at 12:00-13:00
  • Occupational therapy, tel. 040 5379390
  • Nutritional therapy, tel. 040 1856730
  • Hearing test, tel. 043 827 0116
  • Technical aids services, tel. 09 83950040
  • Issues related to rehabilitation plans, tel. 040 8382910/West Vantaa and tel. 050 3044284 /East Vantaa

We will account for sufficient protection in all customer situations to prevent the spread of the disease. We will conduct urgent home calls for customers aged 70 or over, if it helps to promote the customer’s discharge from hospital or prevent the customer’s inpatient care.

School and Student Health Care services

We will continue to support schoolchildren, students and families also during the coronavirus pandemic. We have been developing our phone service, and we will open one-stop school and student health care phone services on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

  • School health care phone services will counsel and guide children and the young in issues related to health and welfare.
  • The phone service also provides help and support for mental wellbeing.
  • Vantaa’s school health care nurses will answer the calls.
  • The service is provided in Finnish, English, and Swedish.
  • Vantaa’s School health care phone service tel. 09 8395 0025 on Monday-Friday at 8:00-15:00.

Transacting will, to the extent possible, take place over the phone or video appointments.

  • School health care’s health-check appointments for 1st, 5th and 8th-graders will be canceled.
  • Conscription-related preliminary health checks will be continued.
  • Students at social and health care educational institutions will be given the necessary checks and vaccinations.
  • Other appointments made with the nurse and school doctor of the educational institution will primarily be conducted over the phone: only when necessary will the student be asked to come to an appointment on the spot.
  • Other school and student health care appointments will be conducted to the extent allowed by the resources.
  • If you need school or student health care services, contact the nurse of your own school / educational institution.

Services for the elderly and the disabled

Follow the instructions for visiting from Social and Health Services to avoid infections.

Visiting instructions for special residency units.

Visiting instructions for Vantaa hospitals

Personal assistant

Family services

Home Care for Families with Children

Visits agreed with Home Care can take place, if nobody in the family has flu symptoms.

Let us know, if

  • you have flu symptoms
  • you have recently returned from abroad
  • your child or another family member contracts / is exposed to the coronavirus

Announcements and cancelations by text message, tel. 040 668 9517

Meeting place

Meeting place remains open as usual until further notice. Nevertheless, be sure not to come to the meeting place with a sick child or if you are ill. Meeting place website

Family Law Unit

The Walk in service is suspended until further notice.

Kivistö divorce peer group

The group is canceled for this spring. You can contact

  • divorce-support social advisor Minna Raitanen, tel. 040 144 8015 and
  • counseling bureau family coach Mari-Susanna Fennander, tel. 040 845 7124

They will put you in contact with a voluntary peer support person with whom you can talk over the phone.

Dental care

The coronavirus situation still causes changes in dental care. Please note that because of the coronavirus situation, care times are longer than usual and we cannot carry out all measures at the time being. We have ensured that it is safe to come for treatment.

Urgent dental care

If your need for dental care is urgent, please first contact dental care first by telephone on tel. +358 (0)9 8393 5300 Mon-Fri 7:30 AM-3:00 PM

Urgent dental care

  • Tikkurilan terveysaseman hammashoitola, Kielotie 11, 01300 Vantaa

People with a verified coronavirus infection; on-call dental care is provided at HUS Emergency Department, oral and maxillofacial unit.

You will receive more detailed instructions when you make the appointment.

Non-urgent dental care

  • We can offer non-urgent dental care only limitedly at the moment.
  • We will invite counseling bureau and school-age patients to treatment in stages.
  • We can offer non-urgent orthodontic treatment only limitedly at the moment.

See dental care website for more information.

Vantaa hospital

  • You can keep in touch with your relative or friend by phone in the afternoons.
  • Please be patient, if we cannot immediately answer your call.
  • If you wish to inquire about the patient’s state of health, we recommend that you directly contact the patient or personal nurse.
  • The personal nurse will contact the patient’s relatives in case there are any changes in the patient’s health.

Substance-abuse and mental-health services

  • If you have flu symptoms or you have recently returned from abroad, do not come to the spot. Contact us by phone.
  • The changes will be valid until further notice.

Martinlaakso substance abuse outpatient clinic

  • On-call service without appointment: Mon and Thu: 12-14, address Laajaniityntie 3, 5th floor

Tikkurila substance abuse outpatient clinic

  • On-call service without appointment: Tue, Wed and Fri: 8:30-10:30, address Kielotie 20 c, 2nd floor.

Myyrmäki substance abuse outpatient clinic

  • Calls to tel. 040 041 2699 will be answered during opening hours. You can also leave a message.


  • Only a few customers can be simultaneously on the spot.
  • Vinkkarit favor short transacting. The focus is on exchanging supplies.
  • Tests will be made only in acute cases. Contact information here.

Mental Health Services

  • Appointments with health centers’ mental health nurses will take place as remote appointments. The nurses will contact you by phone.
  • Phone service, tel. 09 83934057 on weekdays at 12:00-13:00.
  • You can also make an appointment through Maisa.
  • Student Health Care's mental-health services’ nurses will give remote appointments at Varia and Tikkurila high school. Contact information here.

Mental-health and substance-abuse services’ expert by experience

  • tel. 050 3181649, Mon-Wed at 9:00-15:00.

Remote help for quitting smoking

  • Mon-Fri at 9:00–15:00, tel. 050 302 4850 (also WhatsApp/video call) or

Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus