Home renovation

The precondition for getting home-renovation aid is that at least one of the household members—permanently living in an around-the-year residence—is at least 65 years old or disabled. Income and assets will affect the financial aid.

The financial aid amounts to at max. 40% of the accepted renovation costs. In special cases, the aid may be at max. 70%, if an elderly or disabled person would otherwise have to immediately move away from home due to access barriers or because the health and social welfare services the person needs cannot be provided at the person's home. In exceptional cases, a veteran who has served in the front line may receive so-called veteran's bonus, which amounts to at max. 30%.

When a customer is discharged from hospital, small repair work—such as installation of support handles or removal of thresholds—can be made as renovation service in connection with the discharge. The customer will be charged a small excess share for the renovations.

VTKL - The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People has 15 regional renovation counselors that will assist veterans and the elderly in charting and planning the renovation work required, in applying for renovation aid, and, when required, in finding an appropriate contractor.

Consultation with a renovation counselor is free-of-charge for the customers, but they will be charged for the renovation work. Nevertheless, the renovation counselor will help the customers to apply for financial aid for home-renovation.