Financial Assistance

Financial counseling is provided at the Counseling for Senior Citizens.

The counseling is provided by social workers who are specialized in helping senior citizens. You can contact the counseling if you have a crisis in your life, financial problems, or if you need information on different services for senior citizens.

  • Counseling for Senior Citizens: Mon-Fri at 9–15, tel. 09 8392 4202
  • Katriina Hospital’s social work for patients: tel. 09 839 33218 or 09 839 33236

Health Care Payment Ceiling

If your health service fees reach the amount of 691 euros in a calendar year, they exceed a so-called payment ceiling. Therefore, you have the right to receive a free card for your upcoming payments. The card entitles you to get most of your health care services free of charge for the rest of the calendar year.

You need to keep track of your fees and monitor the payment ceiling yourself. Also, you need to have the original receipts of your health care payments and present them when you are claiming the free card. The free card is provided by that social and health service unit in which the payment ceiling exceeds.

The payment ceiling includes the following fees:

  • health center fees
  • outpatient clinic fees
  • day surgery fees
  • daily fees for short-term institutional care
  • fees for institutional day or night care (e.g. day hospital fees)
  • individual physical therapy fees and fees for series of physical therapy treatment
  • fees for specialized health care provided at home.

The payment ceiling does not include income-based fees or fees for the following services: short term treatment in a service-housing unit (group home), medical certificates, patient transportation, dental care, treatment included in a special payment class, laboratory and imaging (e.g. X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI) examinations with a referral from a private doctor. Moreover, if you are using social assistance to pay for your health care fees, these payments are not included in the payment ceiling.

When your payment ceiling exceeds, you have time to apply for the free card until the end of the next calendar year. Ask more about the payment ceiling at the city health centers.

Housing Allowance

You are eligible for Kela’s (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) housing allowance for pensioners if you have a low income and you are at least 65 years old. You cannot receive both pensioners' housing allowance and general housing allowance at the same time. Moreover, you always need to pay an excess of your housing costs. Get more information by visiting Kela’s offices in Vantaa or Kela´s website.

Travel Costs

As per the Health Insurance Act, Kela covers some travel costs caused by treatment of illness or Kela rehabilitation. Get more information by visiting Kela’s offices in Vantaa or Kela´s website.

Care Allowance

Pensioner's care allowance is meant for people with long-term sickness or disability. Its purpose is to provide help in everyday life and promote functional abilities, rehabilitation, and care. Apply for care allowance at Kela´s website.

Financial and Debt Counseling

You can contact the Financial and Debt Counseling when you cannot manage your debt situation and when you cannot pay your bills and debts on their due date. When required, we will also help you seek other legal assistance.

Social lending

Social lending is meant for Vantaa residents with low income and limited means, who are not able to get reasonably-priced credit elsewhere for e.g. social reasons. Social lending can also be granted for residents who are not able to get any allowances or financing and who are not able to cope with their present debt coverage without getting into more severe indebtedness.

Social Assistance

Social assistance is paid to people who cannot attain sufficient livelihood by their own work, by other persons' care, or by other means.

Social assistance is the last-resort form of support, when a person has no other income or the income is insufficient. When determining social assistance, the family’s living, food, and running costs, as well as other necessary costs related to the family’s special circumstances, are considered. The amount of food and running costs is calculated based on the family size and children’s ages.

Apply to Kela for basic social assistance, and to municipal social services for supplementary and preventive social assistance.

Family Caregiver Allowance

Ask more about family caregiver allowance from Counseling for Senior Citizens: Mon-Fri at 9–15, tel. 09 8392 4202.