Voting on election day

The election day of the next municipal election is Sunday, April 18, 2021.

On the election day, you can only vote in the voting place specified in your polling card. The polling card will be mailed to your home address, or you can read it on the service. If you are unsure about your polling place or right to vote, do not hesitate to contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (tel. 0295 535 530).

The voting places are open from 9:00 to 20:00. When you come to vote, remember to take your identity card with you - a driver's license is sufficient. If you have no document with which to verify your identity, you can acquire a temporary ID card from any police station, regardless of your municipality of residence.

In order to prevent coronavirus from spreading, general safety instructions will be applied to all voting places. Voters are recommended to keep a 1 - 2-meter safety distance, to wear a face mask, to observe cough etiquette, to take their own pencil or ballpoint pen with them to the voting place, and to use the hand sanitizer available on the voting place premises. A barcode identity card accelerates registration. Please note that there is no barcode in a passport.