What is Pre-primary Education?

Pre-primary education constitutes part of the life-long learning path that begins at home and in early childhood education, and continues after pre-primary education in basic education.

Pre-primary education aims to bolster a child's developmental and learning potentials, as well as to strengthen the child’s social skills and healthy self-esteem together with the child’s family. Pre-primary education is obligatory, goal-oriented, and based on a curriculum. A learning plan will be compiled for every child, together with the children and their guardians.

In pre-primary education, children experience and learn as part of a peer group. Pre-primary education consists of learning packages of varying scope and implementation that are based on the children’s interests, as well as on pre-primary education’s joint goals. Learning in pre-primary education, thus, largely takes place through playing, and there is always time for playing during every pre-primary education day. In addition to play, different kind of experiential and operational approaches offer experiences and boost the children's learning motivation.

Pre-primary education is free of charge and includes a meal

Pre-primary education is arranged on schooldays, four hours per day. Pre-primary education is free of charge and includes one daily meal. In addition to pre-primary education, children have the possibility of participating in early childhood education, subject to a charge, which supplements pre-primary education.

Language choices in pre-primary education

Each pre-primary education group will familiarize itself with the languages and cultures of the participants in the group during the year. Some of the most common words in those languages will be taught in pre-primary education. Planning and implementing pre-primary education will utilize families’ expertise in their own linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

If you want your child's pre-primary education to have a stronger language focus, Vantaa also offers:

  • English-enriched pre-primary education
  • Swedish-immersion pre-primary education or
  • Large-scale bilingual English pre-primary education

Read more about the language options at: vantaa.fi/kaksikielinenesiopetus

Cooperation with schools

The children will be introduced to the school's operational culture and learning environment already during the pre-primary education year. In Vantaa, each pre-primary education place has a partner school with which they carry out operational cooperation. This refers, for example, to joint activities between children participating in pre-primary education and students in elementary instruction, as well as school visits. In the pre-primary education spring term, data on the children with be transferred to their future schools in cooperation with their guardians. The aim of the data transfer is to ensure the children's easy transition from pre-primary education to school and the continuum of learning support.