Vantaa of Many Hobbies

Vantaa of Many Hobbies model

Vantaa of Many Hobbies is part of the national Finnish model for engaging in hobbies that aims to offer elementary-school students high-quality, pleasant and free-of-charge hobby options outside or near their own school and home, by listening to their wishes.  In Vantaa, some of the hobbies are also implemented in connection with before and after-school activities. The aim is to offer Vantaa children equal possibilities of engaging in hobbies they like, as well as to offer them a long-term hobby near home. All the hobbies will be provided in such a way that they will not inordinately lengthen the children and teens’ school day.

In the 2021-2022 school year, the Vantaa of Many Hobbies project will arrange around 300 free-of-charge hobbies that will reach almost 5,000 Vantaa elementary-school students. The hobbies are planned based on children and teens’ wishes. The wishes were collected from, among others, the Ministry of Education and Culture’s school survey and the City of Vantaa's own surveys targeted at children and teens. The crux of the Vantaa of Many Hobbies model is not competition, but finding one’s own community. Developing and supporting the wellbeing of children and the young, finding one’s own community, preventing marginalization, and reducing inequality translate into key goals of the model.

Hobby activities identify the special needs of children, teens and families

Every child should be entitled to participate in barrier-free hobbies. We are accounting for multiculturalism, diversity, and students needing special support by having assistants or several advisors in certain groups, as well as by cooperating with special-needs education and preparatory instruction. We will also provide advisors with training required for guiding special-needs children.

The Government’s Children and the Young's Coronavirus Crisis Aftercare report states that the coronavirus crisis has in numerous ways weakened children and teens’ hobby possibilities and that it is important to identify factors bolstering implementation of meaningful leisure-time activities that increase children’s wellbeing and coping, in connection with the school day and compliant with the Finnish model. The Vantaa of Many Hobbies model strives to prevent marginalization and to increase awareness of local hobby options. When arranging hobby activities, we will account for children and teens’ possibilities of influencing the planning of hobby activities, for instance, through trial hobbies and hobby-friend activities.

Hobby-friend activities

Outreach hobby-friend activities focus on children and teens’ possibilities of arranging independent activities. Hobby-friend activities help to effectively identify especially those children and teens that would benefit from hobby activities as regards their wellbeing as well as their social, physical and emotional development. Outreach hobby-friend activities encourage students to be independently active during their leisure, and the activities take place during the school day, during recesses, and in the immediate surroundings of the school.

Goals of hobby-friend activities

- To motivate, encourage and support children and teens to begin a hobby.
- To prevent children and teens from marginalization by increasing their hobby activities, as well as by creating positive experiences of acting in a group.
- To provide children with positive ideas and experiences about hobbies, as well as to help them understand their importance for their overall wellbeing.
- To support and encourage parents to increase their children's hobby activities. Hobby-friend relationships emphasize guardians’ role and, when required, instruct and help the guardians to improve the support relationship.
- To increase awareness of local hobby options.

As part of hobby-friend activities, a low-threshold hobby-equipment library will be opened in fall 2021 where children and their guardians can borrow hobby equipment ranging from sneakers to tennis rackets, so that children can participate in the various hobbies of the Vantaa of Many Hobbies model and test various sports as part of hobby-friend activities. The hobby-equipment library constitutes part of the support network of outreach hobby-friend activities as well as of the larger activities targeted at students in elementary schools. The library activates members of the municipality to donate little-used hobby equipment, which helps to ensure elementary-school students’ possibilities of engaging in hobbies. To support the donations, there will also be a basic set of equipment, acquired on the basis of the results of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s school survey. Those who participate in hobby-friend activities can utilize the equipment of the hobby-equipment library.

Contact information

In Vantaa, the project is coordinated by the Urban Culture Development unit in coordination with the Sports and Culture service areas, as well as with the Education and Learning Department.

Project manager Anna Puhakka, tel. +358 40 5598538, email:

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