Temporary Child Care Service

Safe and Inspiring Activities Together With Other Children.

Temporary child care services are intended for children in home care. For instance, parents can reserve temporary child care for the time they go running errands. Temporary child care units provide part-time and full-time care for children who are not in municipal day care and do not receive the private day care allowance. The use of temporary child care services does not prevent the parents from getting the home care allowance.

Temporary child care services have educated personnel. Meals are also provided: part-time care includes lunch and full-time care includes breakfast, lunch, and a snack. In full-time care, the children have the possibility to take a nap.

Opening Hours

Temporary child care services are available from Monday to Friday during schools' work hours. A child can stay in temporary care for maximum of 7 hours per day, during 7:30 - 15:30.

Reserving a Temporary Child Care Place

Reserve the place from a temporary child care unit preferably a week before the need for care. Temporary child care services can be used up to four times a month. You can make the reservation five months ahead.

Basic Information Form

Please fill in your child's basic information when s/he attends temporary child care the first time.

Temporary Child Care Service Fee Full-time care, Over 5 hours Part-time care, Less than 5 hours
Family's first child 34 € / day 20 € / day
Family's other children 20 € / day 12 € / day

The service fee is charged once a month.