Frequently asked questions

How to define local school?

When a child has enrolled in school or is transferring to senior high school, the district manager will determine the student's local school in accordance with admission principles approved by the education committee. First, the local school is specified for students with a medical or other special reason that impacts their suitability for the school and after that the sibling principle is applied. Then the district manager specifies the school to students who clearly have one school within a short and safe distance from home.

How do I enroll siblings in the same school?

In order to account for siblings when defining the local school, the sibling must live in the same address and be a student of the school in question when the decision is made. The sibling principle will not be applied to specifying the local school if the sibling is in the school at secondary admission, for example, music class.

My child's school is situated in two campuses; how do I know in which of them my child will begin school?

The local-school decision is always made to the school, and if the school has several campuses, the principal will decide in which campus each class will be placed.

My child is applying for bilingual education; shall I enroll the child in the school online, via Wilma?

Yes. Children beginning school shall apply for bilingual and Montessori education in January, in connection with enrollment in school. Enroll your child in the school and, in addition, fill in the weighted-curriculum form.

My child would like to go to the same class with a friend; how can I inform about this wish?

You can express the above-mentioned wish in the Esko data transfer form that will be filled in the preschool-education place together with the guardians. It is not always possible to account for these wishes.

My child is about to begin school and has a special diet; how can I inform the school about the special diet?

The need for special diet is announced on a form, available on Wilma, which will be delivered to the nurse of the child's school. When required, you can get the form and instructions for special diet also from the school. Further information on school meals.

We are moving to Vantaa; who shall I contact as regards my child’s school place?

When a family is moving to Vantaa, the district manager will specify the local school for the child. In order to specify the local school, please email the following information to the child's name

  • the child's identity number
  • the address where the child moves in Vantaa
  • the date of the move
  • the date of beginning school
  • the child's grade
  • the guardian's contact information
  • the municipality from which the family moves to Vantaa

Guardians of those who have recently arrived in Finland can contact their local basic education district coordinator to clarify their local school and educational arrangements. Preparatory instruction is meant for students whose Finnish or Swedish proficiency is not sufficient for them to study in a basic education group.