City card

You can download value on the card to pay for a schoolchild's snacks or to pay for a Vantaa retiree's meals at contracting meal-service places. Pricelist and general terms of service for city card.

Schoolchildren's snacks

When applying for a city card for a schoolchild, fill in the application form. The application form must be signed by the guardian. The schoolchild has to verify his/her identity when fetching the card. A KELA card is sufficient for verifying the identity of a minor. A deposit on a city card for a schoolchild is charged.

Retirees' meals

When applying for a city card for a retiree, fill in the application form. When fetching the city card, the retiree must present his/her identity card and pension card. A city card for a retiree is subject to a charge. Restaurants (webpage in Finnish only).

Transportation services (tax card)

Tax card is also called city card, but matters related to transportation services are handled by social work of services for the elderly or of services for the disabled.