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City of Vantaa

Vantaa is a relaxed international airport city in the middle of the metropolis. It is the fourth biggest city in Finland with more than 237,000 inhabitants. Different cultures blossom freely, and more than 120 native languages are spoken in Vantaa. Vantaa is an attractive city that grows fast. The city consists of seven major regions, and its characteristic city centers keep on urbanizing.

Thanks to its location and accessibility, Vantaa is an excellent place for businesses, too. More than 11,000 companies operate in Vantaa and the fastest-growing business area in Finland, Aviapolis, is situated right next to the airport area.

Vantaa offers its residents high-quality public services as well as myriad leisure-time options. The city has a vivid cultural provision, versatile exercise places, and a comprehensive service network. In addition, wherever in Vantaa you may be, you will always be close to nature. For most Vantaa residents, the closest outdoor recreation area is just 300 meters away.

It is easy to live and move around in Vantaa. Public transportation is flexible, and the majority of Vantaa residents live within a 1-kilometer radius from a train station.

Vantaa information

Area (Jan. 1, 2021)

Total 240,35 km2
Land area 238,37 km2
Water area 1,98 km2
Residents/km2 995

Population structure (Dec. 31, 2020)

Number of inhabitants 237 231
Women 50,1 %
0–6-year-olds 7,8 %
7-15-year-olds 10,5 %
16-64-year-olds 66,2 %
65+- year-olds 15,5 %

Language and nationality (Dec. 31, 2020)

Finnish-language speakers 76,1 %
Swedish-language speakers 2,4 %
Foreign-language speakers 21,6 %
Foreign nationals 13,4 %

Labor market and economy

Jobs (Dec. 31, 2018) 121 149
Self-sufficiency in employment (Dec. 31, 2018) 108,8 %
Unemployment rate (Dec. 31, 2019) 8,6 %
Tax rate (2021) 19,00 %

Housing production in 2020

Housing units, total 2 917
- of which in small houses 16,6 %

Linkki e2 Tutkimuksen sivuille, jossa on tiedote julkaisulle How different we are.

How different are we?

Survey results on identities, values and attitudes among the Finnish majority population and the largest ethno-linguistic minorities.

From parish to city

  • Helsinge Parish became Helsinki Rural District in 1865 and a township in 1972. Vantaa became a city in 1974.
  • Vantaa District map

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