Initial assessment helps a newcomer

Kävelijä lumipyryssä

The purpose of initial assessment is to promote the integration and participation of a new immigrant in the Finnish society. At the initial assessment we give the customer information on the Finnish society, Finnish or Swedish language studies, employment, education, other services and for example hobbies in Vantaa. An interpreter can be present at the initial assessment, if needed. The service is free of charge.

Asking for initial assessment

The initial assessment is meant for immigrants who have lived in Finland for less than three years and are at home with children, students, retired or working, are not customers at the TE-Office, and live in Vantaa.

You can ask for intial assessment by filling in a contact form, by sending an e-mail to or by calling Immigrant Services´ social counsellor, tel. 040 847 3203.

TE-Office conducts the initial assessment of an immigrant who is unemployed and looking for work.