How can I participate and make an impact in Vantaa?

Committed Vantaa offers its residents myriad ways to make an impact on both city-level and neighborhood-level matters. Check out how you can make an impact!

The Committed Vantaa model is part of the 2017-2021 city strategy. The city council handled approving the model in January 2018. The model translates into a renewable operating method to provide Vantaa residents with opportunities to participate in city-level planning and decisionmaking. The Committed Vantaa model was prepared in cooperation with residents and city employees. Click here to read more about the results of residents’ workshops.

Participate in residents’ forums and residents’ events

A few times per year, city management arranges residents’ forums where topical issues are discussed. In addition, residents’ events are arranged to handle various themes. For example, in fall 2017, residents gathered to generate ideas for developing parks and review Koivukylä on a safety walk.

Monitor decisionmaking

The city council assembles to address and decide on topical matters on a monthly basis. You can watch the city-council meetings on Vantaa channel or on the spot. The agendas and minutes of the city council and other decision-making bodies are published online.

Give us feedback

You can air your grievances, praise and give feedback on a feedback form. You can also monitor how your feedback is handled. Be sure to also test the new feedback system, piloted by Sports Services!

Apply for support for operations

Vantaa supports organizations’ and associations’ activities by means of grants. Familiarize yourself with the application criteria and instructions.

Drop by or spend a longer time at Citizens' houses

Citizens' houses offer all Vantaa residents a place for socializing, doing together, and participating in various hobbies and volunteer activities.

Arrange a local event!

Read (only in Finnish) the city's instructions and tips for event organizers.

Become a volunteer

The city offers myriad opportunities to participate in volunteer work.