The city offers online transacting services to which you log on, for instance, with your bank identifiers or mobile ID. You can, for example, make health and social services appointments. New e-Services will be adopted in stages.

Help with online transacting and digital devices

Vantaa provides you with support for online transacting and instruction in using digital devices. The city’s actors, organizations and businesses offer counseling and instruction.

The coronavirus has caused changes in services, check the information on the service provider's website!

Support for online transacting

Vantaa Infos will help you with transacting with authorities and using the Internet. We also provide support for customer devices for scanning and printing. You can also ask for advice by phone, tel. 09 839 22133, Oma Vantaa, and the information points which will help you use the city's websites.

Libraries’ customer terminals are available for independent work, and the employees will help you when required, for example, as regards printing and scanning.

Instruction in devices and applications

Koivukylä citizens' house Kafnetti’s IT advisor and Laptop Circle’s voluntary will help you with using the devices and computer problems.

You can contact Kuntalaisen digi-info to inquire about purchasing devices and use of social media, smartphone and laptop.

Libraries arrange Enter ry’s and other actors instructions in devices.


Adult Education Institute’s courses and lectures include courses in image processing, publishing, mobile devices, programming, social media, cloud services, office programs, and information security.

Groups on Facebook

Digi support – Population Register Center

Digi practice – Yle

Enter ry – association for the aged interested in IT and communication technologies