Library and Citizen Services

The service area is headed by citizen services director Iiris Lehtonen, tel. 040 511 6142.

Adult education institute

The adult education institute encourages Vantaa residents in life-long learning and offers the residents high-quality and extensive education and training. The courses arranged by the adult education institute are open to everybody.

Principal Petri Vahtera, tel. 040 846 7454.

Vantaa Adult Education Institute's contact information.

City library

Vantaa City Library is responsible for arranging and developing̈ library and information services.

Library services manager Leena Toivonen, 040 357 5460.

City Library’s contact information.

Libraries’ contact information and opening hours online at

Municipal Services

Municipal Services is responsible for supporting wellbeing work and active municipal citizenship, for multi-channel transacting and counseling services, as well as for supporting electronic transacting. In addition, social and patient agent services belong to Municipal Services.

Municipal services manager Ulla Virtanen, tel. 050 314 5641.

Social and patient agent Miikkael Liukkonen, tel. 09 8392 2537.

Tasks of the social and patient agent (in Finnish).

Vantaa Info

Vantaa Info is responsible for multi-channel transacting and counseling services, as well as for developing e-Services support for the residents.

Transacting services supervisor (Vantaa Infos) Anu Parvela-Säde, tel. 043 825 368.

e-Services supervisor Heidi Karjalainen, tel. 040 357 8120.

Counseling services supervisor (recruitment ongoing).

Vantaa Infos’ contact information.

Community services

Community services maintains citizens' houses, coordinates volunteer work, prepares grants, and develops cooperation. Shared Table maintains a food-waste terminal and communal food-aid activities.

Community manager Marjo Nurminen, tel. 043 825 3315.

Citizens' houses service supervisor Laura Tuomi, tel. 043 826 8523.

Citizens' houses’ contact information.

Service supervisor (Yhteinen pöytä / Shared Table) Hanna Kuisma, tel. 050 318 0983.

Shared Table’s contact information.