Services for foreign-language speakers and immigrants

We provide our foreign-language clients with personal service. You will get a personal coach who supports you in choosing services and in issues related to employment.

We will help immigrants to Finland to integrate and find employment.

Initial integration services

  • you will get counseling and guidance about integration and employment
  • you will get an initial assessment that analyzes which kind of services you need
  • you will get an integration plan that agrees on your services to promote your integration and employment

We offer support for

  • job-hunting and compiling job-application documents
  • choosing between vocational and educational choices
  • charting employment-promoting services and applying for them
  • health care and social welfare services that promote your employment, when required

You will get the services through your personal coach or by contacting Employment Services’ counseling. The aim is that you will find work directly in the open labor market or that you improve your employment possibilities by training.

Vantaa Skills Center also offers support for immigrants in identifying their competency areas, winning employment, and developing their professional skills. For more information on the service, go to: Vantaa Skills Center's website or contact your personal coach.