Registry and Vantaa City Archive

Asiakirjan allekirjoitus - kuvituskuva

The City of Vantaa Registry acts as the city's official transacting place, while Vantaa City Archive acts as the city's central archive.


Opening hours Mon–Thu 8.15–15, Fri 8.15–14.

You can bring applications, initiatives and other residents' documents to the Vantaa-info in Tikkurila, Myyrmäki or Korso. Documents can also send by e-mail to or by post address PL 1100, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.

The registry will give a registration number to documents related to joint matters and deliver them to the departments preparing the matters. You can contact the registry to inquire how the registered matters are progressing and who the person preparing the matter is. You can also go to the registry to view documents.

The city's official bulletin board is situated at the registry, in the City Hall.

Vantaa City Archive

Opening hours: Mon—Thurs: 9:00 to 15:00.


You can view various documents—to be maintained for a long time or permanently—at the city archive. The city archive has building-permit documents from 1954-1988; some of the documents are in electronic format in Building Supervision's online shop. Documents created in 1989 and later are kept at Building Supervision. Patient records—including school health care documents—are kept at patient archives. If you do not know the correct health center, send an order request to Tikkurila Health Center's patient archives.