Premises for civic activity

Do you need premises for arranging hobby activities? Do you have an idea for an event that would bring together your neighborhood people and increase wellbeing? Are you arranging a meeting or planning a course? Check out our citizens’ houses that act as centers for civic activity!

Myyrinki premises

  • Conference room 1 (14 / at max. 25 people)
  • Conference room 2 (approx. 8 people)
  • Conference room 3 (approx. 10 people)
  • Activity room (approx. 60 people) + adjacent kitchen
  • Fireplace room (approx. 10 people) + sauna (limited time of use)
  • Offices (primarily reserved for the entire operating year)

The equipment of the conference rooms consists of video projector, screen, TV, DVD, CD, and overhead projector; when reserving premises, agree on using the equipment.

If you need catering, you can ask Café Popolo; you can also use Myyrinki's small kitchens for catering.

Further information:
tel. 09 8393 5631 / janitor (free evening times and application forms)
040 359 0485 / community worker Jesse Vahtervuo (Myyrinki premises and coordination of activities) email:

Address: Myyrinki, Liesitori 1, 01600 Vantaa
Myyrinki website

Vantaa Adult Education Institute's premises in Myyrinki consist of, among other things, a gym and three classes whose reservations Vantaa Adult Education Institute takes care of.

Kafnetti premises

  • Lobby-like general premises
  • Meeting room (big table, 12 chairs, video projector, and screen)
  • Cafeteria, kitchen, and tableware available
  • Maximum number of attendees: 90
  • Seats for approx. 40

Further information, tel. (09) 8392 0095, (09) 8392 2293, kafnetti(at)
Address: Koivukylän Kafnetti, Rautakallionkatu 3, 01360 Vantaa
Kafnetti website

Katrineberg Manor’s premises

The over-200-year-old Katrineberg Manor offers a charming setting for different kind of courses, clubs or one-off events.

Further information:
Seija Kiilunen,, tel. 043 826 7306
Address: Katriinankuja 5, Vantaa
Katrineberg Manor website

Reserving premises

  1. Fill in the application form and deliver it to the citizens' house. You can print the application below or fetch it from citizens' houses or Vantaa Infos.
  2. Times of use for the entire operating period (fall - spring) are distributed in the spring, but you can ask citizens' houses directly for individual times.
  3. If you need conference technology or other equipment, mention it in your application.
  4. Be sure to enter in the application the contact person who is responsible for order and use of the premises compliant with the grounds for use and fees.
  5. Return the application at least two weeks before the time of use to the citizens' house you are reserving. If you cannot use the premises, remember to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the time of using the premises.

Use of the premises will be primarily granted to Vantaa organizations and communities whose activities support and promote the residents' health, welfare, social inclusion, and sense of community. As a general rule, use of premises for the above-mentioned purposes is free of charge.

Forms for reserving citizens' houses

Information for those renting premises

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